• Q - Why choose AKER bath products?
    • A - AKER bathware is the ultimate combination of performance and beauty. We engineer every part to be "life-proof," meaning it will withstand the construction process and the test of time. AKER products utilize unmatched manufacturing excellence and install with unparalleled ease to save you time and money without compromising on the style, comfort or convenience homeowners demand.

  • Q - What differentiates AKER from its competitors?
    • A - AKER products are built to perform. We put more resin and less filler in our mix than others. We hand roll our fiberglass and resin laminate up to four times. Our products have greater surface integrity and overall strength than our competitors' because the strands in our fiberglass are up to 25 percent longer. We then reinforce this with a layer of lightweight but strong balsa wood to stabilize and add years of life to our product bases.

  • Q - What kind of warranty do AKER products have?
    • A - We stand behind our products with industry-leading warranties against structural, surface and cosmetic defects. Our acrylic units are covered for 25 years; our gelcoat units for 5 years.

  • Q - What is the difference between options and accessories?
    • A - Options must be factory installed, such as a whirlpool system. Accessories, such as trim kits come separately and may be ordered after the product is installed. They don't usually require professional installation.

  • Q - Does AKER offer barrier free products?
    • A - AKER barrier-free showers and tub showers are engineered to make life easier for those with special needs. These products, designed for residential homes as well as medical facilities and hotels, features easy access, optimal comfort and safety, and high functionality.


  • Q - What is the difference between acrylic and gelcoat?
    • A - Our gelcoat bathtubs and showers have a colored polyester resin sprayed directly onto the mold, which is then sealed with our exclusive fiberglass and resin mix. This produces a strong yet lightweight product that is also economical.

      Our acrylic units are made using a vacuum-form process on a single, continuous sheet of heat-molded material. The result is a non-porous surface that is exceptionally easy to clean as well as mold and mildew resistant. As the color runs through the material, it won't fade.

      Both our acrylic and gelcoat products are reinforced with a superior laminating process that includes more resin, longer fiberglass strands and a sturdy balsa wood base.

  • Q - Can I add a massage system to my bathtub after it is installed?
    • A - No. Massage systems are an option that must be installed during the manufacturing process.



    • Q - How can I properly clean and care for the surface of my AKER unit?
      • A - During routine use, bathtub and shower walls collect residues from soap, bath additives and natural body oils. Additional deposits can also accumulate from minerals or particles in the water. You will reduce these build-ups and help maintain the unit's natural luster by wiping away excess water with a clean soft cloth or squeegee after each use.

        Acrylic and gelcoat surfaces should be cleaned regularly with a non-abrasive cleaning spray or cream-based cleansing agent. Never use abrasive cleansers, dishwasher detergent, scrapers, metal brushes, or anything that could scratch or dull the surface. Regular car wax helps removes fine scratches and adds a shine to the surface, however, avoid waxing tub and shower bottoms as these could become slippery.

    • Q - What is the best way to clean and sanitize my AKER whirlpool system?
      • A - To remove most deposits and avoid major accumulations inside the system piping, do the following at least once every 90 days:

        Step 1: Fill tub with lukewarm water to the top of the trim ring on the highest jet.

        Step 2: Add 2 tablespoons of low-sudsing, automatic dishwasher detergent and run the whirlpool system for 20 minutes. For AKER's Bodywrap system, this is one complete timer cycle.

        Step 3: Drain tub, refill with clean water and operate the system for 20 minutes (one time cycle on the Bodywrap system) then rinse thoroughly.

        Your system should occasionally by sanitized by substituting 1/2 cup of household bleach for the dishwasher detergent in the cleaning procedure above. Make sure to rinse your unit thoroughly afterward.

        For best results when caring for your AKER plumbing products:

        • Never use abrasive materials or abrasive cleaners on the whirlpool trim (jets, air controls, and suction covers)
        • Use extreme caution when trying any cleaner, acid or solvent on the whirlpool system trim. Refer to our WHIRLPOOL SYSTEM CARE AND CLEANING for complete details.
    • Q - Can I use therapeutic products in my AKER bath unit?
      • Certain types of therapeutic products when added to bath water, or if applied non-diluted directly in the bath, may damage the unit finish. Test the product on a small inconspicuous surface prior to use.