KDTS 2954


Peace of mind in easy steps. Installation and design versatility without compromise.


Easy steps installation.
You’re saving time and money.

Get it right the 1st time. Perfect alignment of pins and holes for easier installation and stronger installation. Balsa wood reinforced base system, provides strength and stability. Straight apron for easy tile application. Above-the-Floor Rough – no need to relocate the drain.

KDTS 2954


The new KDS series retains patented MAAX hassle-free PIN system that allows for easy one-person front-end installation with a quick, tight fit and one-piece look.


The KDS series also makes life simpler for professional tradesmen and Do-It-Yourselfers. Multi-piece showers and tub showers can be ordered either as full units or by components. This allows for greater flexibility during construction, renovation or inventory management.



    New modern & stylish grab bars

    Available for all shower and tub shower units. Grab bars come in three colors and in 18- or 24-inch horizontal and vertical styles.

    Above-the-Floor Rough (AFR)

    Optional feature that allows for flexible one-time or multiple plumbing installations. Enough space to pipe directly under the unit without having to relocate the existing drain.

    Pin System

    Made with sturdy and stiff materials for high impact resistance and stability, MAAX’s patented pin system on sectional  units allows one-person, front-only installation that saves time and money.

    Available dimensions – 4-piece sectional units

    2954 / 3060 and 3260 dimensions