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Key Benefits

  • You can't beat the quality of an AKER product. Made by hand, AKER not only uses more resin and less fillers and 1" fiberglass strands but still hand rolls the fiberglass to reduce the risk of bubbles and cracking as well.

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    Features & Benefits

    Product Description

    • One-piece gelcoated fiberglass shower with optional roofcap
    • Built-in corner shelves
    • Center drain
    • Textured floor
    • Optional unique features: Above-the-Floor Rough and reinforced walls

    Unique features

    • Above-the-Floor Rough (AFR)

    Model & available dimensions

    S-36 - 141022

    36 " x 36 " x 72 "

    Options & Accessories


    Gelcoated fiberglass cap
    Gelcoated fiberglass roofcap
    Standard colors: White (002), Bone (004), Biscuit (007)
    Non-standard colors: Refer to the color chart in this book.
    Light for roofcap (factory-drilled hole)
    Light for roofcap (factory-drilled hole)
    All walls reinforced
    Three-wall reinforcement for future grab bar installation 9
    Wall reinforcement (one wall)
    Wall reinforcement (one wall) for future grab bar installation 9
    OPT 20212-R Reinforcement on right wall
    OPT 20212-L Reinforcement on left wall
    OPT 20212-B Reinforcement on back wall
    Lifter for Pivolok Doors
    Lifter for Pivolok Doors
    Available colors: Chrome (084) and Brushed Nickel (105)

    Regional Availability

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    White (002) Bone Natural (004) Biscuit LinenSilk (012)
    Almond (013) Sterling Silver Gray (006) Platinum Gray (009)