Bathroom Planning

Man writing a list

Step 1 - Getting Started

Start by looking closely at the bathroom space itself. You will need to evaluate what can be done with the dimensions you are given unless the customer wants to expand the footprint.

Who will be its primary users? Will just a bathtub or shower suffice or are both or a combination tub shower needed? Do the users have any limit to their physical abilities?  

For remodeling work, consider how the current bathroom works in terms of flow (are things conveniently located), storage (too little or too much) and lighting (natural and artificial). Does your customer want to re-use any of the current cabinetry, fixtures or décor or can you start from scratch?

Our AKER quiz will help you compile the answers. Then you can devise a proposal featuring the best AKER products for the job, get your customer's approval and get to work quickly.