Our Full-Strength Approach

Our Full Strenght Approach

Getting it right the first time is just how we work.

Aker Built to Perform means:

Performance from every angle – Top, bottom, front and back – you’ll see how every part of our bathware is engineered to last.

  • We use ½’’ of balsa wood, sandwiched between layers of reinforced fiberglass, to stabilize our four-part ‘’Anti-flex’’ construction
  • AKER hand roll the fiberglass and resin laminate up to four times reducing the risk of bubbles and cracking
  • Our strands are 25% longer. The longer the strand, the greater the surface integrity, the greater the overall strength
  • Sidewalls reinforced with fiberglass and wood for a safer product and easier installation
  • Industry-leading warranties against defect

          • Acrylic: 25 years
          • Gelcoat: 5 years


Innovation for flawless install.

We never stop questioning, learning and innovating – continually providing solutions that make installation easier and ensure perfect results every time. That’s how we guarantee peace of mind all the way.

Beauty that’s built for life.

We make life proof bathware that withstands the construction process and the test of time.